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Suomen Kenttävaruste Oy company info

Vuodesta 1975; Suomen Kenttävaruste Oy manufactures and markets Finnish-made sports furnishings for both in- and outdoor venues.

Our company is known for fast deliveries, high quality and highly competitive prices.

Compare our prices to those of other suppliers and see just how affordable our pricing is! By manufacturing the furnishings at our own facility we can accommodate any special wishes a client may have. We also refurbish and repair your old furnishings. Spare parts are also available for Ke-Va equipment.

We use the highest quality finishes; our furnishings can even withstand acid, as well as moisture, because the hot galvanizing is applied to both exterior and interior surfaces, ensuring durability for decades. Powder coating is used instead of paint for its impact resistance. On an ice hockey goal, for example, powder coating is the only practical finish for this reason.

We would be happy discuss your needs, let's plan a functional sports venue together!

Suomen Kenttävaruste Oy
Raimo Viljanen

Suomen Kenttävaruste Oy
Tauskonkatu 31, FI-33720 Tampere
Tel. +358 3 317 4200